Smoke Patch PES 2017 9.4 AIO Latest Full Free Download [Updated]

By | June 8, 2017

Smoke Patch PES 2017 9.4 AIO Full Final:

Smoke Patch PES 2017 9.4 AIO is the full version of Smoke Patch 9.4. It introduces the new league-switcher. Smoke Patch PES 2017 Ful Final Free Download offers you more league options to replace the game of counterfeit players, teams, and kits. It made up of 16/17 seasons and will start updating. There are more than 600 real teams in the patch. Smoke Patch PES 2017

Smoke Patch PES 2017 Review:

Smoke Patch PES 2017 Full equipped with full game potential without compromising stability or the game. It is the first editor of 2017. It comes with Konami real-time updates, so we will keep the patch from 9.4 Start viewing statistics and transfers. Please read all the features carefully, install the game as per instructions and precautions for the patch, and then download or install the patch to avoid confusion. Smoke Patch PES 2017 Free Download is the latest version of PES 2017 player updates. The latest update equipped with new features for all players, as well as the game PES 2017 in a variety of other contents. In this update, there are a lot of updates and supplements, as well as the club’s game PES 2017 players. We know PES Patch 9.4 AIO smoke is in addition to PES PTE Patch game players like a PES 2017 final. Smoke Patch PES 2017 free download

By installing the PES Smoke Patch 9.4 AIO into the PES 2017 game, you will get a player that has updated the latest transmission season. Then compared with the previous version of PES Smoke, an increase of about 90 new teams. Then at PES Patch 9.4 AIO smoke 4,000 new players added in this version. In addition to the latest Smoke PES, you can also find a variety of features and other functions. Click here to Download Ez CD Audio Converter Key free.

Latest Features of Smoke Patch PES 2017:

Added New Leagues:
The new league-switcher contains a range of options that you can choose. Now all teams can use whatever you want in the league, and an option to remove the MLS team from the Latin American continent entirely.
The ten options for the league switcher are added as under:

Germany – Colombia – China.
Germany – Colombia – China (excluding MLS team).
Turkey – Colombia – China.
Russia – Colombia – China.
Germany – Colombia – Japan.
Germany – United States – Japan.
Germany – United States – China.
Germany – Mexico – Japan.
Turkey – United States – Japan.
Russia – Mexico – Japan.

New & Improved Team Options:
Smoke Patch PES 2017 Full is improved with this section of the 90 teams than the previous version. You can see the TEAMS 2017 page in the game all the teams. All teams and national teams can be frequently used in the FL mode. Patch comes with 606 teams, the new, improved and right logos, toolkits, squad, manager, stadium name and color fans.

Almost Real Team Players:
You might imagine that adding such a large number of teams will result in adding a significant number of new players. All created players have the right attributes, and there may be some minor bugs because more than 4,000 new players are added. The statistics come from those with SRS statistics of the patch database. The number of players in the patch is more than 13,000 people, of which about 3,000 individuals in this version has a real face. In the new version, They have not created new faces, but they have only re-textured and reassigned to see the mask maker you can check pes-stars website for more details. PES 2017, PES Smoke, PES Smoke Patch, PES Patch 9.4 SMOKE, PES Patch 9.4 AIO Smoke, Smoke Patch

Improved & Added New Stadium Views:
Smoke Patch PES 2017 includes an updated version of the package v3, the patch in the list of stadium is 40 unique models, converted from the previous PES and smoke versions, we add a real stadium, high-quality texture, and fans, as well as high clear sky all stadiums views.

This version uses the smoke guide package v2, and this version does not have changes on boots, smoke patches have 100 boots, contains some real model colors and designs. Models and textures are for smooth games and high quality.

Some Other Updates in This Release:

  • Fixed Konami bug and major league game plan. This error occurred after Konami was released in real time, which prevented the change of the game plan from being saved after exiting the game. In this version, they corrected the error and can now keep the change. There is no problem.
  • Major Club (SRS) Revisions: Since this release is separate from real-time updates, They started to modify the statistics based on the systems we used in all previous versions. In 9.4, They have begun with the large team and will continue to view the statistics in future updates.
  • Fixed an additional CPK file (9-16) – A minor bug prevents the work of the new CPK file, after installing this version, the other CPK all data can be used for your custom edits, please note that adding is not what we do.
  • Fixed a random crash/bug – Some people have a problem with some of the big league teams, which is an issue with the stadium task and the league/cup system files, which will solve the problem but need a new FL mode to fix the job.

How To Install & Fix Smoke Patch PES 2017 Latest Version:

  1. Download setup zip files all parts from given below link.
  2. Extract downloaded contents carefully.
  3. Now run the installer 94.exe and select PES installation folder.
  4. Be Noted: The Patch must be installed in same folder.
  5. Follow the instructions and complete installation without errors.
  6. Enjoy.

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